Today I went on the intrepid an amazing experience and a glimpse into the past of this vessel that survived three wars.




We ” me and my dad ” were very lucky to get a private tour  because not a lot of kids my age can say they’ve been on the concorde.our guide was very humorous he let us do things that he wouldn’t do in front of a full crowd. Sadly the Concorde does not fly Today because the plane is very expensive to fly and fule costs a lot because this majestic air liner uses so much fuel it can only do one way trips.a lot of famous people flew on it

MicahI Jackson

Queen elezibeth

Phill Collins

And many many others. after that we went to the actual intriped exhibit it was great we saw battle stations and captain and crew rooms we allso saw the galley and ship deck. Wow what a blast we had.



Look at the size


Cockpit of Concorde

Growler submarine


The Metropolitan Museum of Art

I just went on a tour in the museum, and it was great. The tour was called “highlights”. It was about the main attractions in the Museum. The one thing I recommend to see the painting “George Washington crossing the Delaware”. There are some historical facts missrepesented, but never the less the painting is still good.



  1. It takes place in a cold, windy storm, at midnight so dark the crew couldn’t even see there own hands.
  2. The flag was supposed to be the Grand Union Flag because this takes place in1776 and the American flag as we know it was made in 1777.
  3. The boat is too small to carry so many people.
  4. The ice never gets that thick on the Delaware river.
  5. Georges  wouldn’t be able to stand on a boat that shallow.

All of these historical inaccuracies are there to make this picture dramatic. and this picture is”DRAMATIC”.


mom will love it!

Grand Union Flag.