scuba camp at Internatonal scuba

My first scuba experience was in Isla Mujeres my diving instructors name was Jesus. The first time I hit the water as a diver it wasn’t scary but i was a little paranoid. The technique that I used was called the “back roll”.

A year later I got a present from my grandmother and grandfather it was a scuba camp that i took to get certified as an JR OPEN WATER SCUBA DIVER!!

My camp was called Internatonal scuba

five days a week nine to one

At the end of camp I had two days of certification, each day using skills that I learned at camp and and tests were at Clear Springs. They have courses to take you to the plane that is sunken in the lake and the forty foot shark thats there to but don’t worry its all metal another cool attraction i would visit is the boat thats there too. Here is a cool fact: the plane is owned Mesquite Aviation witch my dive instructor mr Chip owns because he founded Mesquite Aviation, cool right?

Now I’m a official JR OPEN WATER SCUBA DIVER!!!!!!.

and of course i can suggest Internatonal scuba as a place to get certified as  i did.





Oral book report, school

I finally finished my oral book report! The name of the book is “Code talkers ” by Joseph Bruchac, a novel about the Navajo Marines of World War Two. My presentation was on poster board. Every one thought that my idea was cool. I chose the hero in the book and how he changed through it. It is about a little Navajo boy who wanted to be a Marine. years passed and the boy became a marine and flew through boot camp and military training in a breeze. After the war he retired as a war veteran and told the world about his story.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        on my posters i drew and cut two different versions of my character and then painted them and added details.

The materials that i used are from michaels.

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Time Line School Project

Today i  finished my time line school project it was  very exhausting to do. We had to stay up late for countless nights to do it but now its done!

This project covers the time of important inventions from  1900 to 1950.


1.did research about important inventions in time frame and chose favorites.

2.wrote each inventions story.

3.made markers and long paper base.

4.drew and colder inventions

5.glued and pasted. 95


Eggs Benidict

Today i made eggs benedict and it was really good

for this you’ll need :…


2 eggs/brown ones are what i use

a small bowl

plastic wrap

a pot

a gas stove or electric stove


a rubber band or two

metal cooking grabbers

steps to making Benedict:

1.pour hot water into pot and put on hot stove

2.put plastic wrap in bowl

3.spray a little bit of pam in each plastic wrap

4.crack an egg and put into plastic wrap then connect edges and set aside /repeat this step for as many eggs you have.

5.put ends of bags into the jaws of the grabbers and put in boiling water

6. wait until white then cut bag ends put on plate and enjoy!



Today I went on the intrepid an amazing experience and a glimpse into the past of this vessel that survived three wars.




We ” me and my dad ” were very lucky to get a private tour  because not a lot of kids my age can say they’ve been on the concorde.our guide was very humorous he let us do things that he wouldn’t do in front of a full crowd. Sadly the Concorde does not fly Today because the plane is very expensive to fly and fule costs a lot because this majestic air liner uses so much fuel it can only do one way trips.a lot of famous people flew on it

MicahI Jackson

Queen elezibeth

Phill Collins

And many many others. after that we went to the actual intriped exhibit it was great we saw battle stations and captain and crew rooms we allso saw the galley and ship deck. Wow what a blast we had.



Look at the size


Cockpit of Concorde

Growler submarine