Drone Phantom 3, Isla Mujeres

So far this is the most technical and cool thing that i have on the blog yet! In my opinion. presenting… THE PHANTOM THREE! My first big flight was in Cancun and in Isla mujeres.The DJI Phantom 3 standard edition is a ready to fly quad copter with a built in camera and stabilization. It is a beginners choice quad copter and is fairly easy t fly (as long as you have played video games before). it has a return to home button and a GPS to track It. if you are wishing to take your over the border by plane then i recommend getting a drone bag from amazon. As well an extra battery  for extended periods of flight. (22 to 25 minutes is on a DJI Phantom 3 battery) bellow are some pictures i took with the drone except the first that one was just for fun. I wish it was possible for me just to hang on to the bottom of it and fly away with it.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art

I just went on a tour in the museum, and it was great. The tour was called “highlights”. It was about the main attractions in the Museum. The one thing I recommend to see the painting “George Washington crossing the Delaware”. There are some historical facts missrepesented, but never the less the painting is still good.



  1. It takes place in a cold, windy storm, at midnight so dark the crew couldn’t even see there own hands.
  2. The flag was supposed to be the Grand Union Flag because this takes place in1776 and the American flag as we know it was made in 1777.
  3. The boat is too small to carry so many people.
  4. The ice never gets that thick on the Delaware river.
  5. Georges  wouldn’t be able to stand on a boat that shallow.

All of these historical inaccuracies are there to make this picture dramatic. and this picture is”DRAMATIC”.


mom will love it!

Grand Union Flag.