Poem “Rainy day”

Oh….Its raining….

Here is the water

Here is the thunder

Here are the demons


oh….Its raining

Where is the sunlight

Where is the uplift

Where is the breakthrough


Oh…its raining

There are the old times

Here are the new times

Where are the good times


Oh its washing

Oh its pouring

Oh its raining all away


Here i am looking out my window

At the never ending cascade of drops

Like artillery shells on a glassy battlefield

So close but protected from


There i was with my headphones on

Those mood edits playing

And my own tears falling

Mixing with the falling rain


Where was a time

Where i wouldnt sit on my bed

Looking at the gray,low,dark sky with never ending bumps

That stretches for miles by the looks by it


How much it inspired me so

As to think and think and think


Where did the good times go….


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