Drone Phantom 3, Isla Mujeres

So far this is the most technical and cool thing that i have on the blog yet! In my opinion. presenting… THE PHANTOM THREE! My first big flight was in Cancun and in Isla mujeres.The DJI Phantom 3 standard edition is a ready to fly quad copter with a built in camera and stabilization. It is a beginners choice quad copter and is fairly easy t fly (as long as you have played video games before). it has a return to home button and a GPS to track It. if you are wishing to take your over the border by plane then i recommend getting a drone bag from amazon. As well an extra battery  for extended periods of flight. (22 to 25 minutes is on a DJI Phantom 3 battery) bellow are some pictures i took with the drone except the first that one was just for fun. I wish it was possible for me just to hang on to the bottom of it and fly away with it.

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