Washington day three bay-beeEEE

Wow a new morning or whatever. Good morning,Yee-haw the whole shabang. Breakfast at Bayou bakery. I did not specifically like it but I do see why there is an appeal to it. I didn’t like it because I just don’t have a taste for that food. It was eaithe too sweet or too sour/salty.

our first stop was the Holocaust museum and holy Spirit of balogna it is just depressing. You feel the pain and suffering before you even see the actual attractions and writing. The confines of the elevators were literally made to look like gas Chambers. It was suffocating to stand in them because they packed a smany people fit in before sending it down.

In the meuseum,many artifact are original and somber. The whole meuseum is to put you in a perspective and it sure does a good job of that.

After this sad adventure,we scootered past the Washington memorial and parked it before the WW2 wall memorial. We followed the wall of names and moved to the three soldiers memorial before moving to the Lincoln memorial, and it is massive.(ps,killroy is hidden between the two golden gates!)

We took photos infront of it,me taking a time lapse of the Washington memorial from the Lincoln memorial. The whole view was amazing.

Once we finished leaning over the edge of historian knowledge,we walked to the Korean war memorial and the Veitnam war memorial.

That’s just about it.

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