Washington day two.

Our morning was less ideal then usual but still acceptable. Grogy but manuverable. Stuffy but open. A casual morning in the city. We grabbed two bagles and two coffees,sat to finish them and went on the metro to go to the white house.

What a better was to start off your day then going to the white house? The bottom floor atleast was available,but, the whole experience was underwhelming and lacked a tour. We saw the meeting rooms and ball room,plus the presidential seal raised above the doorway from the red carpeted hallway that goes dead center in the bottom floor above the basement where we entered.

After a brief moment of no plans,me and my dad took two bird scooters to the Smithsonian to see the great wonders of aviation,only to find the main attractions closed. The rockets and Main hall of fame planes were there but still, A bit of a disappointment. We learned many facts about the wall of fame planes. The x-15 megasonic plane flown by Chuck Yaeger, and the spirit of saint Louis flown by Charles Lindbergh.

Rockets like the V-2 German bomb rocket and the X-4-sug rockets that flew the spy camera canisters were on display aswell. The absolute size of the skylab is just scary,blowing all expectations out of the water.

Real suit that was on the moon!!!
Soyuz(USSR) docked with Apollo(USA)

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