Washington is great. Really.

Over waking up at five thirty am and flying early in the morning,it was honestly worth the hassle. we were welcomed by a nice drizzle and a cold climate that leveled out in the middle of the day,only to crash again.

After the hour drive from Baltimore to Arlington,we had breakfast Topelo Honey,Wich was great. This restaurant was just perfect in my opinion. The food was good,the atmosphere was good everything was good.

After our breakfast we dropped off our bags at the Red Lion hotel,taking a Uber to the Arlington cemetery, walking through the momentus vow of silence given by the fallen soldiers and the safety they brought to us. I was really impressed on the changing guard routine the Honor guard does for the Tomb Of The Fallen Soldier.

after the Arlington cemetery,My Dad decided it would be a good idea to go to the Iwo Jima memorial and it was. It really hits different when you see things in-person. Numbers may seem large from the comfort of your home but,if you Stand at the base of a statue,your whole sense of proportion just falls through the floor with how massive those numbers become.

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